The 10 best home design blogs from around the world

How people live in other countries? Are they spring up? What are the trends they set in terms of interior design and lifestyle? What is aesthetically for them? As an international team we present you on STOFF’N’ROLL selected blogs of people and furnishing magazines from around the world, which you can use as an inspiration and as a window to the world. In our Magazine U at HOME gets creative ideas on how you best put your favorite home accessories in scene. If you have other recommended blogs found on the web says about it. Otherwise: Have fun!

A set-up blog with a difference! Frederik Frede and Ailin Liefeld had the original idea to take a look at the apartments in Berlin by people of different nationalities with a photo camera. The result is impressive photo series and interesting interviews. Certainly, some residents had the book “A perfectly tidy house is a sign of a wasted life” taken the U.S. American Mary Randolph Carter to heart. For everywhere there is a friendly chaos, giving the apartments in Berlin a special charm.

Bienvenue en France! It was the dream of the French sisters Elodie(Bodie) and Karine(Fou) decided to open an online store for stylish and original furnishings of European designers. Dream has become a reality. Your blog tips how to easily lends some French chic his own home, make your heart beat a few bars.

The editorial staff blog of the leading German living magazine offers original blog articles on current housing trends, design fairs and everyday curiosities.

From the Netherlands comes this design blog, on the Danielle de Lange blogs regularly about living ideas and lifestyle issues. As we studied also by URBANARA Danielle around the globe for unique jewelry pieces for their own home.

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